How its work (BCAP) ready to issue 330.88 million shares through the mechanism of a rights issue with a nominal value of $ 1 per share, or as much as 7.41 percent of the issued and paid-up after limited public offering (PUT) II.

Each stock is offered at a price of $ 5 per share. As a result of fresh money that can be achieved by the company's $ 543.31 billion.

The shares are offered entirely the new shares derived from the portfolio and registration of shares offered is entirely carried out in the Stock Exchange United Kingdom.

To each holder of 25 shares its name recorded in the register of shareholders (DPS) company in October 7, 2015 at 16:15 pm is entitled to 2, where entitles the booking execution

Use of funds, if the shares offered in the rights issue was taken entirely by holders, the funds obtained after deducting the costs of emissions will used, such as to participate in implementing the LPO IV,and for working capital.